Wage War. Think Tank? Newcastle. 13.1.20

Combining in a superb one-two attack in the name of all things Metalcore, tonight kicks off as it means to continue with fantastic intensity from Arizona based Ded who take to the stage full of tats, dark clothes and muscle.  Ploughing into their set from the word go their set is loud and relentless with standouts ‘Hate me’ and ‘Dead to me’ bringing intense metal to the sold-out crowd from the off.  Final track ‘Anti-everything’, with its differentiated hip hop beats and funky bassline steals the set, and the evening, with both its engaging intensity as well as its call and response performance.  A hugely responsive crowd are able to remain engaged thanks to the final blow from headliners Wage War who sustain the intensity and guitar riffs of the evening.  Standing out with ‘Who I am’ and ‘The River’, Wage War leave the stage, and the audience, dripping in sweat and full of smiles.  Tonight’s result? Metalcore by knockout.