Single by Sunday. Think Tank? 17.1.20

The critical, not to mention commercial, impact of an original experimental art-rock band like the 1975 tends to result in nothing but good things for fans of the originator in so far as they open doors for likeminded spirits.  Clearly influenced by said band, both the support (Hyde Project) and main act (Single by Sunday) tonight build on their interpretation of what the 1975 do; resulting in both positives (crowd-pleasing experimental pop tunes, high intensity live shows and conversations about progressive politics) as well as consequences (lacking complete originality).  Building on such reverence, tonight Hyde bring pop-punk to life with a 3-piece pop-punk manifesto.  Ironically a cover of the 1975’s ‘Tootime’, alongside rebellious ‘Camden Town’, steal their show and set things up nicely for crowd-pleaser’s Single by Sunday who excel when they find their own interesting pop voice (‘Debbie’ and ‘Superheros’) but stall slightly when they veer into by-numbers emo/pop-punk (‘Romeo’ and ‘Adrenaline’).  If both bands want to truly emulate their hero’s then they need to continue to experiment more than they re-create.

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