The Mowgli’s. The Cluny. 18.1.20

Morphing from its prehistoric typecast, this century has seen the Californian pop tectonics shift away from Brian Wilson’s dreamy wall of sound textures in favour of a mix of alternative electronics, indie guitars and experimentalism.  In keeping with the best of such output (Best Coast, Rooney) The Mowgli’s tonight retain all the best parts of Californian pop (major keys, major smiles and major vocals) and mix them with high energy and sound melodies in a show which puts some of us jaded Brit’s to shame.  Snappy from their space launch countdown introduction, The Mowgli’s set bristles with Californian fun, their show standing-out with ‘Spaced Out’ and ‘I feel good about this’ which both shine due to their multi-tracked vocals and layers of guitar/keyboard sounds.   A quick aside to principle support ‘Limo’ who’s Justin Timberlake FutureSex era sound of electro-funk and falsetto shows much pop promise.