Masie Adam. The Stand. 20.1.20

I realise just how easily comedy, and the landscape of rising comedy stars, can pass you by as I walk into the Masie Adam’s gig; my friend noting that he recognises her as ‘the one off the Nationwide advert’, a comment which leaves me subsequently both impressed at his knowledge whilst simultaneously struggling to remember what a tv advert looks like.    Perhaps impacted by this tv work it’s interesting to see The Stand almost sold out tonight, and whether we take the moral high ground in the battle of art versus commercialism, the reality seems to be that appearing on prime time tv still increases an audience size; which can’t be a bad thing for up and coming talent.  
Delivering a style of comedy which could be best described as ‘well scripted’, rather than ‘stand up’, Adam’s lives up to the expectations set by a large audience by delivering a comprehensive set.  Weaving cleverly crafted humour and storytelling across her show, Adam’s has the crowd engaged from the off in a style which grows from a slow-burner into a final explosive final crescendo. Part comedy, part thriller, the reward for staying with Adam tonight is, like any decent horror film, the various shocks and plot changes which play-off a comprehensive set up.  With fine story-telling and the confidence to sacrifice short term chuckles for longer-term laughs, ‘the one off the tele’ tag may not be around for much longer. 

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