Man of Moon. The Cluny. 29.1.20

On a night fuelled by keyboards and effects pedals, it’s Wuh Oh who plugs in first; wasting no time to take us from 0-60 in a hard house/techno set driven by a Roland SH-201 and sample-heavy laptop.  Taking us across a funky, layered, Justice/Daft punk sensibility, Wuh’s set is upbeat, smart and groovy as it builds momentum until a final disco flourish.  Dressed in part Roman gladiator/ part alien attire, and sporting some serious robot dancing, Wuh provides true robot rock as well as an interesting counterbalance to the darkness provided by garage-rock/electro headliners Man of Moon.  Whereas past performances have seen the duo coloured in light and supported by visual montages, tonight they take to the stage almost completely unlit; a brave move which pays off in the way it focuses the attention on the music.  Stand out ‘Ride the waves’ as well as new track ‘Rust’ prove that this duo don’t need any gimmicks; they just need a guitar and a drum kit. Excellent.

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