Si Beckworth. The Stand. 3.2.20

A comedy show makes me laugh if I find the jokes funny; it makes me warm to it if has an interesting story.  If it does both then it’s real winner.  Si Beckworth’s show is hard not to warm to, at times it’s a heart-breakingly open, considerate, piece of work which tells tales about relationship break-downs, mental-health struggles and attempts at finding a place in the world.  Interesting and moving, Get Lush is a thought-provoking show about the choices we make in life; what do we need to ‘be’ lush and how do we live a ‘lush’ life? 

On the flip side, however, Get Lush fails to make ‘winner’ status due to its struggles, at times, for laughs.  Full of confidence and direction, it’s interesting that the shows loudest laughs tonight appear to come from Beckworth’s comedic asides; a nod to Jimmy Nail in one place, an interaction with the crowd in another place, it’s core content always moving but not generating laughter.  There’s a structure to the show, for sure, and a confident delivery method, but for Get Lush to stand out then it may benefit from a re-cut and edit; building on moments of the loudest laughs (notebook sketches with well delivered puns) and scaling back on asides which can be hard to follow and take us away from the pun.  Get lush made me warm, at times it made me laugh, but it’s not yet the winner it could be.

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