Get the Blessing. Gosforth Civic Theatre. 7.2.20

Providing interesting extremes, Jazz NorthEast once again deserve credit for curating a double-header evening of thought-provoking musicianship.

An intimate opener, herself operating outside of her usual electro outfit, Ceitidh Mac uses interesting cello string plucking techniques to create a deep base sound which provides the central theme in her performance.  Complementary to her gorgeous voice, Mac’s cello provides moments of magic, non-more so than on standouts ‘Window seat’, ‘Do little, know little’ and ‘We’ve got miles to go’ which showcase a fine musical and vocal talent.

Providing the counterpoint to Mac’s intimacy, plugged in four piece Get the Blessing close the show with a bombastic offering of dark, immersive, drum patters, technical electronic bass lines, and leading trumpet and saxophone parts.  Driven by a breakbeat style of drumming the Blessing’s sound is loud, powerful, and incredibly proficient as they overlap jazz with a trip-hop feel of breaks and movements.  Jazz NorthEast may be the hottest curators around – great work.

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