The Godfathers. Westgarth Social Club. 8.2.20

Fully equipped with single breasted tailored suits and skinny ties, much of the evening’s success lies with the foundations created by Southend’s Eight Rounds Rapid.  Recalling some of the heavier elements of punk blues/r&b stalwarts like Dr Feelgood, the Rounders set a high benchmark for the night; not just with their sharp attire but also in their foot-on-the-throttle performance which blasts across standouts like ‘Bully boy’ and ‘My mate’ (with the immortal lines ‘my mate, is a bit tight, but he’s alright’) with the type of delivery that can’t be faked.  Leaving the stage red-hot, it’s punk/rockabilly revivers The Godfathers who pick up the energy and run with it, blitzing across ironic sneers like ‘Cause I said so’ with suitable energy and intensity.  Sneering, and kicking unwanted beer bottles from the stage, it’s frontman Peter Coyne who captures the attention with poised lyrics and focus.  The Rapids warmed us up, The Godfathers finished us off.  Excellent.

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