David Baddiel. 16.2.20

With so much, natural, scrutiny of social media in recent weeks, heightened by various opinion pieces written to answer the question of ‘have we forgotten how to be kind’, it seems particularly brave for any performer to step outside of the ‘safe’ territory of damning social platforms and instead offer a balanced opinion; perhaps even more so when the opinion is offered in a comedic setting.  Yet perhaps the central, and most powerful, theme of what Baddiel does with Trolls tonight is to demonstrate in his real life what he does in his virtual one; proposing that rather than avoiding the difficult topics, or stepping out of the way of potential risks, sometimes you should step forward.  Just as he confronts the trolls on Twitter, tonight Baddiel confronts social naysayers by proposing that, in some circumstances, social media can be of huge cultural benefit.

Built up from over a decade of self-produced Twitter content, Trolls showcases some of the very best, and the very worst, of human behaviour through the lens of Baddie’s social profile.  Often anonymised we see Baddiel provoked and abused through on-line attacks, sometimes provoking back, but always mindful of his interactions.  Carefully drawing out the humour of our social lives, Trolls is brave and thought-provoking, and proves that often comedy is the perfect vehicle to make serious points.

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