2 clowns 1 cup. Alphabetti. 18.2.20

Looking to be antagonistic from the start, a witty early curveball in 2 Clowns 1 Cup mis-directs the audience and reveals levels of depth to the production; this is a show that is not all it seems.  Acting in mime our two clown leads open the performance with a slapstick rendition of cops n’ robbers; cleverly choreographed, and reliant almost completely on delivering it’s message through facial gestures, Clown’s opening scene tricks us into believing that the show, however funny, will be relatively silent and relatively low-brow.  By scene two, however, we realise that the joke’s on us; 2 Clowns, though remaining funny, is anything but silent and lacking in intellect.

Brought to life by production company Ugly Bucket Theatre, 2 clowns is an interesting show which explores adolescence, puberty and sexual awakening.   Following both male and female forms, the show takes us from early teenage bodily changes into sexual relationships; exploring almost all points in between including first time experiences and social awkwardness.  At times perhaps spending too much time looking for humour in the troughs of the toilet, 2 Clowns nevertheless pulls off its intent to both educate and entertain with a narrative that is humorous, insightful and cleverly curated.  Remaining antagonistic, and moving into uncomfortable topics, 2 clowns is brave and full of laughter.

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