Megson. Arc. Stockton. 20.2.20

Clearly on home ground this evening, Billingham husband and wife duo Stu and Debbie Hanna (collectively ‘Megson’) have the crowd on side before they play their first note.  Beneficial for an acoustic duo, the audience’s support provides a much-needed respect and silence for the show; itself, at moments, a deeply impactful performance examining some of the more difficult aspects of life; unemployment, uncertainty and regret-fulness.  Standing out in an evening of covers and original material, Megson shine when moving into political territory (a cover of Vin Garbutt’s ‘All around the town’ and self-written ‘Generation rent’) but nudge into twee when being a little more introspective (‘Are you sitting comfortably’).  Beautiful harmonies and an ability to connect with their audience Megson tonight demonstrate an ability to behave in the way they sing about; full of warmth and with a real desire to connect with others.

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