Sapien Trace. Beyond Vinyl. 21.2.20

Using the evening as a platform to showcase new release ‘More than I can give’, tonight is more than just a showcase of a new tune for Sapien Trace; it’s also a showcase for the brevity of their songwriting.  Taking us across 9 tracks, with an encore of repeating 2 of those, Sapien’s set proves just how much the band has transformed in their recent history; moving from a hard dance/punk edge, in the style of say Pendulum, to a more synth-heavy pop band, in the style of say The Pet Shop Boys.   Highlights of tonight include, obviously, the new single which pops and fizzes in the way good pop does as well as Perfect Mistakes which somehow manages to blend The Prodigy and Grace Jones together as well as Precipice which nods us in the direction of funky pop.   They may have developed their sound but they’ve kept their past. Great stuff.

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