Polly Paulusma and Annie Dressner. The Cluny. 22.2.20

Some musical partnerships take years to perfect, others, as demonstrated tonight, apparently take a matter of minutes; for whilst it may not seem it, tonight is opening night on the Paulsuma/Dressner UK tour.   A well-suited combination, tonight’s double a-side line up see’s both artists playing both first and second fiddle as they curate their show in a setting where both artists perform their solo material with the other providing musical/vocal accompaniment.  Opener Dressner kicks us off with delicate acoustic folk/Americana tales of New York living and far-away dreams; standouts Dog Wood, Out in the Cold and When I see stars, all from her soon-to-be-released album, move with a warm troubadour feel with Paulsuma providing support through harmonised vocals and second instrument support.  Working superbly as a combination, Paulsuma finishes off the evening in the ‘lead’ role, switching supporting roles with Dressner but maintaining the evenings performance of music filled with deft and detailed arrangement.  Clearly comfortable in each other’s company, and feeding into each other’s music with a natural feel, tonight suggests that it may have only taken a few minutes for the two to connect but this pairing could have its own long lasting legacy.

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