Fitting. 27.2.20. Alphabetti.

In times when the Trans rights debate appears to be yet another topic that pushes us towards having a binary viewpoint, it’s nice to see some art that challenges our, and my, viewpoint of what it means to self-identify and explores the spaces in between the soundbites.  

Movingly autobiographical, it’s Matt Miller’s staging of Fitting which proves the show’s most impactful metaphor; Miller silently running visuals (a constant changing of male/female costumes and live performances of magic tricks) alongside a core, one-person, narrative about the challenges of identifying as trans. 

A superb artistic statement, Miller uses the stage as a vehicle to demonstrate the correlation between being able to concentrate on one narrative through an ever-changing stage setting, with the ability for the trans community to maintain one personality through shifting genders.  

The stage may look different, but the content remains the same.

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