Behold a pale horse. Star and Shadow Cinema. 6.3.20

Kids grow up so fast today don’t they!? Years ago I’m convinced bands playing their debut show would be fairly shambolic; now they seem to arrive fully formed and ever-so-perfect.

Whether it’s the large crowd who’ve turned out to watch them, or whether it’s because they’re just superb, live virgins Witness Protection open the show tonight with sheer sonic feedback, drive and determination. 

Using interesting visual backdrops and swirling lights as support, the Protectors rock hard with noise crushing guitars and synths and a lead singer with a distinct Newcastle accent; you feel they should have been called Geordies with guitars. 

Sunderland’s Roxy Girls take over next in a typically shambolic post punk meeting Postcard records blend of new-wave guitars and low rumbling bass patterns.  Set-list free, and playing knicky knocky nine doors with the sound technician as they constantly change their monitor levels, they are, naturally, brilliant; which is great as they’re recording some of their set for future b-sides.

Headliners, and album launchers, Behold finish off a terrific evening with their wall of proto-punk-rock meets techno-and-electro sounds.  Wrapped off nicely with fine soulful vocals, She Said and Let it Burn steal a show set full of soul and a wall of sound which varies and surprises as they progress to their climax.  We’ve seen three of the best tonight.

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