GRL 2020. Base Camp. Middlesbrough. 7.3.20

Created as an event to showcase the work of 14 artists/bands, each containing at least one woman, credit must go to organisers AMPT for curating such a strong line-up of inspirational artists.  In moments when Britain’s culture seems so unambitious, finding one, let alone fourteen, artists (regardless of gender) looking to make interesting pieces and flip the middle finger to the mainstream is a radical statement in itself. 
There was simply too much to mention in a short review, though personal favourites came from, in the musical space, pop stalwarts ‘Head of light entertainment’ and headliners ‘Bugeye’, who both used synths, guitars and harmonised vocals to make lovely, warm, pop. 
Performance wise, the heavier, alternative, sounds which came from both ‘GG Allan Partridge’ and ‘Dead Naked Hippies’ both also deserve credit for the punk visuals and spirit the brough to the day.
And whilst it’s a bit unfair of me, I’d say my favourite one-two moment was from local spoken word enthusiast Sarah Cutwell who’s sense of self was especially empowering and who was followed by Leeds very own ‘Bad Bug’ who’s ‘60s good time r’nb/ garage rock style was particularly effecting.
There’s a huge need for such strong, counter-culture, artists to make loud noises and provoke people to think differently.  We saw 14 of those today.