Gary Wilkinson. Cumberland Arms. 13.3.20

Whilst some events may be struggling with attendance challenges, it’s good to see a strong turn-out already in place in time for tonight’s main support act Worry Party. 

Channelling themselves into XX territory, Worry’s four-piece/ dreamy synth textures are performed perfectly this evening: moving us in and out of a style of down-tempo, almost trip-hop, pop which glistens with emotional directions and moves backwards and forwards from male to female vocal leads.

Nicely warmed up, and comfortable in our electronic world, the evening climaxes with three separate movements from local synth pioneer Gary Wilkson.

Supported by interesting, often claustrophobic, visuals, Wilkinson’s core strength tonight is seen through his ability to imagine, and create, different electronic spaces, each making subtle, but distinct, social and political points.  Showcasing three different electronic movements, each with their own distinct sound and atmosphere, Wilkinson proves himself a master of electronic production.

‘Wind farm’ (with themes about mass usage of wind turbines) glistens with hypnotic, often ambient, rhythms, whilst ‘Fixed Odds betting Terminals’ and ‘Cannabis Farms’ see Wilkinson move into darker, more menacing, environments; Fixed Odds (showcasing the desperation of addiction) employing a dark/techno feel and Cannabis Farms using a more menacing, trippy, sound to build up its sense of fear, alienation and paranoia.

Serious messages and serious music.

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