Faster than bolt. Live Theatre. 14.3.20

Showcased as part of the Live Theatre’s ‘Elevator’ Festival, work in progress ‘Faster Than Bolt’ may be one to keep a close eye on when looking for interesting theatre work to be excited about for the coming year.

An interesting exploration of the UK Governments early 2010 programme of ‘dispersing’ asylum-seekers away from London and into ‘regions’, ‘Faster’ uses a story about hitch-hiking from Newcastle to the London 2012 Olympic games as a metaphor for the physical and emotional journeys taken by refugees as they acclimatise with new cultures and new surroundings.

Cleverly interspersed with moments of aerobics and clever use of house lighting, with their implied suggestions of defying gravity and stereotypes, Bolt is a piece which encourages not only a reflection of how we look at, and treat, asylum seekers but also of the limiting beliefs often imposed onto unheard/marginalised voices both by society as well as personally.

Set within the context of Faster having only had four initial rehearsals before it’s first ‘draft’ performance, as well as interesting directions the piece could progress into (further use of a Dick Whittington style North/South divide and greater use of aerobics) this one-person show offers serious promise for the future. 

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