The Pastures. Cobalt. 14.3.20

As you’ll often observe by default at some of the larger, less personal, venues; great gigs need great promoters.   A truly great show seldom reaches its highs because it has been designed to ‘just’ showcase the headliners, it shines because it has a strong, well-curated, roster of artists who support and challenge each other to perform at their best. 

Local promoters Onix deserve huge credit for pulling together three promising, emerging, acts for tonight’s show; each band proving to be a fine talent in themselves, and each with a credible shout of being ‘band of the night’.  That’s not just a great evening of live music, that’s also great value for money.

As it happens Glasgows ‘Pandacar’, opening the evening, may well just edge the competition tonight with their heavy punk sensibility and Anti Tory contempt though both King Kobalt (with a harder grunge/nu-metal sound) and headliners The Pastures (with a strong blend of punk/rock/folk/funk) all stand out.  Terrific.

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