Come Together North East. 4.4.20

A meaningful event, day two of the three-day Come Together North East online festival aims, as with each of the other days, to raise £500 for various health and social initiatives connected to the North East. 

We’ll not get into the reasons why there is under funding of the social services here but instead appreciate the work of the promotion team, organisers, and all of the artists who tonight do their bit and exchange intimate performances for charitable donations.  Now is not the time for finger pointing and it’s heart-warming to see so many local artists use their voice for action and do whatever they can to help.

Kicking off with Sam from Goodsprings, day two of the online festival covers about six hours of live music in total, and six different acts

Kicking us off with supreme confidence, Sam provides a Libertines/ the La’s blend of shambolically perfect acoustic sounds which champion humour and energy over seriousness and precision.  Recent single ‘Hold on now’ steals an impressive set.

Taking over with a more serious showcase, Max from Crux plays next; re-working ‘Bigg market’ and ‘Slaving away’ into solo electric/acoustic belters and repurposing the usual bombast of Crux into a live one-man setting.  Covers of the Stereophonics and Creedence Clearwater Revival add to an impressive set.

Slowing the evening down slightly piano based Lizzie Esau follows next with a strong 45-minute set focused on relationships and the pains of growing-up.  ‘Something missing’, ‘One I found’ and ‘Where the rain falls’ steal an impressive set which showcase strong musical and vocal skills.

Technical issues mean David McAllister’s set is cut by about 15 minutes, though that still provides sufficient time for him to make the most serious and strongest political messages of the evening.  Highlights ‘We’re all in this together’, ‘Foggy June’ and ‘Cable Street’ support a passionate acoustic set filled with important messages.

A quick handover to Jack Fox keeps the show moving, with Fox changing the pace and sound of the evening with some trap bars and hip-hop geats.  Highlights ‘Half the time’ and live exclusives from his soon to be released EP, including ‘Hello everybody’ are well received.

Headlines The Escapades (or 2 of them, Rob and Alex) save the best for last with candour, good times and bottles of vodka.  Getting right into it, and playing ‘Cut me loose’ so well they play it twice, their set is impassioned and confident.  It’s a great set to end a great six hours of impressive live music.

Taking over £700 of donations on the day there’s a big thank you needed to everyone involved in such an impressive event.

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