Squarms. Live Stream. 10.4.20

Trying to bring banging break and trap beats to the world of live streaming, Newcastle electro duo Squarms show us that both they, and we, can enjoy live electro music whilst sitting down on our sofas.  Taken off the dance floor Squarms rely on three distinct features to make their live show work; crazy props (pirate/ vagabond outfits, indoor shades and cleverly positioned wine bottles and vaping canisters), interesting visuals (a screen splitting showcase of three images, one with a repetitive band logo, one with a straight live stream and one with an effects-laden close up of live beat production) and banging tunes with a well-delivered live singing/rapping/spoken word vocal
Ending somewhere between a delivery style reminiscent of the shambolic chaos of the Libertines (particularly their surprise acoustic section), and the layered electro compositions of first album Lo-Fidelty all-stars, Squarms pull off a show that uses it’s laid-back delivery to disguise clever, precise, song writing and a clear sense of purpose.

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