Lost State of Dan. Live Stream. 12.4.20

Proving popular on its first showing tonight marks the second of, what might soon become weekly, live Sunday Sessions by Lost State of Dan’s Daniel Drinkwater.

Competing for attention in the burgeoning live streaming space, what makes Sunday Sessions different to many in the Facebook live scene is twofold; not only is our host able to play more than one instrument, he is also able to put together a setlist which is not made up entirely of bad indie covers.  In fact, if you’ve heard any of LSOD’s tracks you’ll know Drinkwater creates impressive, multi-genre, originals.

Reimaging his songs for the live, solo, environment Drinkwater stands out tonight when performing at the piano, often turning his tracks into upbeat, 80’s, power-pop bangers.  ‘Out of love’ and ‘Dancefloor’ both sparkle with a jazz style of instrumentation and a showy, precise, 80’s vocal melody and delivery.  If ever songs were designed to be re-recorded and stripped back, it’s these.

Riff-tastic guitar work (‘Summer in love’ and ‘To you’) provide an interesting aside though it’s the piano pieces which win out tonight.  A great little pop performance.

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