Finn Forster. Facebook Live. 17.4.20

Some weeks into the lockdown and the setup for the live gig, as Forster demonstrates tonight, is becoming fairly standardised; you take an acoustic guitar, mix a collection of new songs with a few covers, and stream on a smart phone.    

All of which suggests that if the Corona Virus is presenting any new context to the world of live entertainment, it’s not the staging of the shows themselves but rather a levelling of the playing field.   Without permitting larger acts to access their usual camouflaging lighting shows and backing tracks, Covid-19 may well have become the great social equaliser of live music.

All of which bares well for Forster who may not have the backing dancers or the warmup act, but does have the confidence, the potential and the desire.  Sprinkled over an hour-long set, including recent soulful acoustic creations ‘Sisters’ and ‘Call you mine’, Forster delivers a set which demonstrates what live music has always really been about; three chords and a personal truth.

The competition has truly warmed up for those who normally hide behind stage props.

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