Supergrass. 22.8.20. Virgin Money Unity Arena.

Chris Murphy often used to talk about what made INXS such a consistently high performing live act; the core reason you ask? Practice.

Regularly out touring year after year, venue after venue, Murphy put the secret of INXS’s live life down to the band practicing their craft on stage night after night, a feat which meant that when they  broke ‘big time’ all members of the band understood, not just the role that they played, but also how their collective sound came together.  In essence, through practice, each member understood the value they added to the group and the impact of their individual contributions, major ingredients in high performance.

Supergrass, as almost all bands will experience as they return to the live setting, are asked to perform straight from a standing start tonight; theirs is not the luxury of being full of momentum or ring-ready, instead it’s the challenge of wowing 2,000 paying customers without a warm-up.  Customers who won’t have seen a live show for 5 months. Customers who will be more than likely distracted by their new social distanced surroundings.

Leaning heavily on their ‘In it for the Money’ album, Supergrass fly out of the blocks full of both life and musical harmony tonight; songs delivered in perfect tone and without a hitch.  Sun hits the Sky and Richard 3rd steal a fine 90-minute show which provides the impression that the Grass had never been forced into downing tools.

Practice makes perfect?  Not always by the looks of it.   

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