Jimmy Carr. 31.8.20. Virgin Music Arena

The warning inherent in Carr’s career, perhaps more so in the last five years of the 2010’s, has always been that no subject is off the table when it comes to comedy.  Whether focused on religion, woke culture, identity politics and other don’t-go-near them topics such as tonight’s covid themes, Carr’s one-liners and wordplay have always taken us to places good-taste, and society’s fixation on not standing out, would have us shy away from.

Led by two sets of approximately one-hour each, Carr tonight carries on pushing his own manifesto, interestingly now led with a pre-set advisory message that these are only jokes and the jokes themselves can’t hurt you; perhaps even with his reputation Carr still feels it’s in his interest to remind crowds that what he’s saying is supposed to be humour and he doesn’t actually believe, all, of the things he’s saying.  Is comedy on such shaky ground that it needs to caveat itself before it starts a show?

Slightly rusty in places with his delivery, presumably this being his first live show in months, Carr delivers exactly what you think he’s going to; intelligent one-liners which cut close to the bone of sensitive topics. 

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