Van Morrison. Virgin Media Arena. 3.9.20

With Sam Fender’s show making Fox News headlines, and tonight Mr Morrison bringing out representatives from The Times and The Mail on Sunday, surely this a good moment for the region to feel proud of its contribution to cultural innovation?

Yet for all the media interest, the reality with these one-of-a-kind shows is that only one thing matters; the show itself. No amount of innovation could, or should, paper over the cracks of a poor live performance.

Which isn’t a worry when Van’s around because he may be 75, and he may also be decked out in a winters hat and coat, but there’s no way he’s going to miss an opportunity to show anyone watching that he’s still worth the attention.

Flying straight out of the traps, Morrison, and his 10-piece outfit, deliver meaningful r’n’b with unshaking purpose. Blissfully delivered, the ensemble roll through highlights including Three chords and the truth and Precious Time – though the 1-2 final finish of Brown Eyed Girl and Gloria prove that these shows aren’t just about style; they have bottomless substance.

Get that on Fox News.

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