Sing Again Syren. Tyne Brewery. 4.9.20

Admitting to being in a mood with a former lover, and giving herself a hard time for not having practiced as much as she thinks she should have, Hannah D’Arcy might tell you she has no right to be good tonight.  But you shouldn’t listen to her.  Because whatever the fuel is that keeps her self-opinion low, but her fierceness high, it keeps the GGAllan Partridge’r on fine form, delivering back of the throat, powerful, acoustic, statements about immature males (‘Enough’) and interesting life choices (‘Drink to forget’).  She may not be plugged-in this evening, but she doesn’t need the electricity to maintain her power-chord ferocity.

Yet just as you’re about to give up on the power of the electric guitar cable, the Syren’s convince you otherwise by doing exactly what they always do; playing with supreme talent and making you jealous of how much potential they have.  Lining up as a modern-day Cream trio, the Syren’s set is filled with jazz drum patterns, funk-styled baselines and classic rock guitar parts.  Highlight ‘Rich woman’, with its three minute classic rock heart show’s off the Syren’s skillset; though it’s the one minute play-out which really shows off their impressive musicianship skills, combing popping bass parts, thrashing drums and fretboard surfing into a prodigious sound.  

For different reasons both acoustic and electric instruments have looked mighty fine tonight.

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