Craig Charles. Virgin Money Unity Arena. 9.9.20

It’s perhaps the coldest night so far at the Virgin Unity Arena, so if ever there’s been an obvious need to get up and get moving around then this is it.

Setting us up to cut some much-needed rug, local North Eastern funksters Smoove and Turrell lead the charge tonight in their typical Northern Soul/ groove fashion.  Balancing a short (40-minute(ish) set) against their back-catalogue is never going to be easy but they manage that conundrum well by curating a greatest-hits set (including one future ‘rave’ sounding banger), climbing on top of keyboards, and getting (literally) every pod up and dancing. 

A three-minute handover is quick enough for the crowd to stay standing and maintain the momentum Craig Charles needs to finish the night strongly; which he does with the help of his dj/selector/dancing skills.

We needed a reason to get up and move tonight and we ended up with two; though the site of a whole field dancing in pods is always going to take some getting used to.

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