Alfie Boe. Virgin Money Unity Arena. 10.9.20

The most sensible of all the Virgin shows, tonight brings out the jazz and big band lovers in an audience about two thirds full; which given the circumstances, the traditional profile of a Boe fan, and the weather, seems like a success.

Support Beth Macari kicks off the evening in jazzy style, her recent ‘How to love’ and future single, the funky/ jazzy ‘Summer feeling’ capping off an impressively confident set.

Building on the work of Macari, Mr. Boe steps into his traditional role of being the central point in a rock/pop/opera/musical theatre Venn diagram.

Standing out when playing his stripped-down version of opera classics (if anything, tonight is a tribute to improvisation with Boe and his three piece redesigning classic pieces like Mambo Italiano and Volare into a type of MTV Opera Unplugged) it’s nevertheless his ‘pop’ covers of Lean on Me and Love of my life which sore tonight. 

It may be sensible, but it’s sung particularly well.

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