Becky Hill. Virgin Money Unity Arena. 13.9.20

Sometimes it’s best for middle aged men who miss, or overthink, the point of pop music, to see it through the eyes of others; particularly those whom it has been designed for.  Not only does this stop the endless chin scratching, it also helps remind you of the effects of pop music; it’s ability to be transformative, powerful, empowering, communicative, and, well, fun.

The two youngsters I take with me tonight do all of the things you want them to do inside the pop world; they get excited when they find out who the support act is and they marvel at their stage show, and then they fall head over heels for the power of the main act and end up screaming in the right places, responding to the calls for participation and standing up and dancing along.  They also go away feeling a little bit better about themselves and the world.

Pop’s the best.

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