Chase & Status. Virgin Money Unity Arena. 17.9.20

If Jungle’s initial manifesto focused on the freedom found in anti-materialism, yet promoted a tough attitude of protesting against the mainstream (whether political, lifestyle or the nonsense that was the mid-90s super club era), then it seems we’ve come full circle tonight as we watch thousands of kids dancing to jungle break-beats hours before the local lockdown kicks in.

A journey of mind and soul, filled with typical jungle moments of operatic swooshes and jazz textures, tonight’s set is almost cosmically ironic; hyping up the kids and filling them with protest ideals hours before they’re asked to sit on their hands for however long it is until they can re-emerge and be adolescents again.

As with most drum n’bass, the set stagnates slightly at the 45-minute mark with seemingly repetitive drum patterns, but the site of MC Rage getting 5000 people to ‘shake their gates’ as the bass line of ‘time’ drops, keeps the jungle ideals alive and may well be my most memorable sight of the summer.

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