James Leonard Hewitson. Ku. Stockton. 4.6.21

Remaining one of the best venues in the region it’s good to see the KU sold out tonight, especially with a home crowd full of encouragement for local hero’s.  Openers The Voluntears provide a garage rock start to the evening, though it’s second act Rambler who stand out with their 70’s Southern-boogie/ classic rock feel, belter ‘Ghostly Girl’, and  greatest fall into a drum kit that you’re likely to see.

Proving that music is often a team game, it takes a little while for James Leonard Hewitson’s Mike Flower Pops/ Beck stage persona to fully form tonight and the first ten minutes rely heavily on the lead guitar/bass combination to lead the set both by stage presence and technique.  By ‘Shy of hard work’ (sounding close to The Fall this evening) Hewitson’s back to his wise cracking best though, and standouts ‘Deader’ and new one ‘Commercial vibe’ remind us of the star potential Hewitson clearly has.

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