Tiny Tim. Jubilee. 11.6.21

Still a relatively new venue, Walker’s renovated Jubilee pub sets a great home for tonight’s three comedian line up.  High ceilinged, and with a nicely sized stage, the Jubilee offers the whole crowd a good vantage for the show and allows perhaps more room than other venues you may watch comedy in.  Pretty blue in delivery opener, and compare, Miles Crawford warms the crowd up with his Brown-Ale drinking, self-deprecating, style of comedy before second act Phil Reid hits all of the right notes with a 30-minute set tight with ‘Mother’ jokes, and a couple of superb crowd interaction pieces which work well in the space; it’s that stage again.  Headliner Tiny Tim closes the well-crafted evening with pranks and a live spin off of the delivery from his YouTube greatest hits.  The Jubilee may well become the go-to place for comedy if they keep this standard up.

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