Faye Fantarrow. Stockton Ku. 17.6.21

Full of confidence, opener Finn Forster continues his reputation as an impressive live performer with tonight’s acoustic set.  Supported by full band lead guitarist, Billy Smith, who adds lovely interwoven electric licks and backing vocals to the show, Forster shines tonight especially on standouts Sisters, Sleeping is close and Butterfly man.  Part Crowded House and part Butterfly-House era Coral, Foster’s set is moving, varied, and full of skill, nicely setting up this evening’s headliner Fantarrow who brings her own style of technically proficient, emotive, acoustica which is wrapped around by her Jazz styled vocal delivery.  Hitting the high notes this evening with those songs in her arsenal which investigate modern culture (boomer generations, guns, and local politics) Forster’s set is as contemplative as it is performative.  Hopefully being the first of many shows for 2021 tonight seemed a good place for Forster and Fantarrow to both get back to live performance and build up confidence and momentum.

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