Ponyland. 10.7.21

Built out of two sax players, two drummers, two guitarists, one singer, and eight face masks, there’s very little ‘standard’ about the way Ponyland either present themselves or their music tonight.  

Bopping and weaving there way frantically though a combined live in-person, and streamed, event (is this the post pandemic way standard for local bands?) the eight-piece create a sound that layers together the riff-heavy toughness of metal, centres the noise with deep funk grooves, and sprinkles their sound with Arabic scales and sensibilities.

In a performance that is as frantic as it is eclectic Ponyland’s show demonstrates not only passionate playing, but also a style that is technically solid and heavily reflects other large on-stage collectives, noticeably the musical complexity of Sun-Ra, the get-up of Parliament, and the madness of, er, Madness.  Anything but dull, Ponyland shine strong tonight with their need to be seen as anything but unoriginal.

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