E-mence preview

Observing from a far, there’s something special about E-Mence and the way he carries himself.  A character slightly removed from the group, yet potentially the most supportive within it; E-mence has the persona of someone who is both fully in the moment and yet reflective of it at the same time – an interesting style when you think of the core requirement for a rapper to be able to proficiently communicate how they see the world.

Returning with the forthcoming album “Talking To Myself”, itself kicked off with a number of singles including recent spirited ‘Someone Else’, E-Mence makes the most of 2020, carrying on his musical, lyrical and personal development to new highs.  Focused around the concept of being true to yourself, and trying your best to live the life you want, ‘Talking To Myself’ finds E-Mence in deep reflection, contemplating the expectations others have of him – and those he has of himself.   Dark in places (‘Not Enough) and lighter in others (‘People Say’) ‘Talking’ is an album well worth looking forward to; both for its rhythms as well as the opportunity to spend time with a special character.